Jeggings for every style. How to wear the year's hottest trend.

Jeggings for Every Style

Jeggings for Every Style. "How to wear the year's hottest trend."

How to wear the year’s hottest trend

Just about everyone has heard of jeggings by now! The soft, stretchy material is the perfect compromise between a pair of less-than-comfortable skinny jeans and casual leggings which often seem too ordinary.

However, with the colder weather approaching, being warm while remaining stylish is key. You can still wear your jeggings of course, but it’s important to keep the look current and seasonally appropriate at the same time.

Combined with boots: Unlike many pairs of jeans, jeggings and boots happen to be the perfect combination because the fabric is both slim-fitting and lightweight. Jeggings can easily be worn with any type of boot due to the nature of the skintight material.

Pair with a sweater

Plus denim jeggings
Don't be shy to fold them up for a summer/spring look. 


Denim Stretch Distressed Jeggings Dark Wash Basic Jegging


Jeggings are fitted. Recommendation is to size up. 

Jeggings are available sizes Small-3X 


Distressed Strech Denim

Daisy Distressed  Jeggings: 

Have real pockets and zipper and button waist.

Stretch Denim Jeggings

Jenna Denim Jeggings

Elastic Band waist and real pockets.

Curvy Plus Collection

Curvy Plus Stretch Denim Jeggings

Suzanne Plus Denim Jeggings 

Sizing: 1X, 2X & 3X

Jeggings are a fitted. Don't be shy to size up. 

Elastic Band waist and real pockets.

Plus Denim Distressed Jeggings

Kat Plus Distressed Denim Jeggings 

Sizing: 1X, 2X & 3X

Jeggings are fitted don't be shy to size up. 

Distressed Denim with real pockets and elastic band waist.



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