about us

about us

☁️ Mission Accomplished 

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Feelin Lucky 🍀 

So here how it begin.

One day I was shopping and feeling disappointed. Disappointed that there was nothing in my size and my thought was how can this be! I am average size 12-14.

From an afternoon of shopping I sat disappointed in my car. I thought to myself this can't just be me! All I wanted was to be able to shop and not be told by employees that they didn't carry my size instore or to be judge or to be told that there was nothing here for me. An if your like me and had this feeling your not alone. So after one bad shop experience and disgusted by my shopping experience. I set out to visit a bunch of local shops and each one I went to had little or no stock. An I started to ask and started to get answers. The most common answer was either they carried Small, Medium and Large or Small-Xlarge and even there Xlarge they where only getting 1 piece in each style.

So we decided to start with a Box of leggings as we sold piece by piece as we fitted each of our customers as this was super important to know how they fit. The common response was oh I need  tops something simple longer to wear with our pants. So that is when we pivoted to an all inclusive fashion. That you can shop with your friends.  


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