Assorted Chocolate Truffle Piglets - Vancouver Gift Box

Assorted Chocolate Truffle Piglets - Vancouver Gift Box

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Individually wrapped assorted piglet shaped pieces.  All the assorted gift box designs with the exception of Christmas have Peanut Butter, Milk, and Dark pieces.  The Christmas box has Peppermint, Milk and Dark pieces.

Ethical treats that you can give out with full knowledge you know where it comes from and that it doesn't involve the use of inhumane farming practices!

Did you know we can trace every cacao bean we use in our chocolates to it's a farmer! How many companies can tell you this??

Slave Free Chocolate, the way all chocolate should be!

Give the gift of delicious chocolate!


Direct Fair Trade, Kosher, and Gluten Free (made in a gluten free environment )


Small gift boxes contain 5 assorted piglets.