English Toffee Caramel
English Toffee Caramel
English Toffee Caramel
English Toffee Caramel

English Toffee Caramel

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Indulging in our English Toffee begins as your teeth uncover the soft hand coated medium dark Belgian Chocolate, revealing the rich butter toffee base.

This classic best seller would not be complete without the sprinkling of fresh, locally roasted peanuts that begins with a crunch and ends with you begging for more! 


Gluten Free, Egg Free, Vegetarian

Made in our facility that processes Soy, Dairy, and Peanuts.

We do not use Tree nuts, Mustard, Sulphites, Seafood,  Sesame, Eggs, nor Gluten in any of our products.


Where we come from:

Our candies are hand made with love in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada (2 hours away from Banff National Park and Lake Louise)


Shelf life, Storage and care information:

We guarantee a minimum 6 month shelf life from the date of shipping any of our products, as long as proper storage is maintained:

Temperature not to exceed 27°C while in transit. Optimal storage conditions: Dark, dry, 12°C - 20°C. When a destination is warm, we take extra precautions to preserve product quality with additional packaging options that reduce heat, including insulation, foil, and ice packs if necessary.

Any storage in direct sunlight is not recommended. We guarantee shelf life posted on the products if our customers ordered directly from us, and store the product as we recommend.

We are unable to guarantee shelf life for customers who purchase from our distribution partners due to circumstances of transit and storage being beyond our control once product is stored in another facility.